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Purifying Shampoos

Based on the concept of “detoxing”, these shampoos deep cleanse allowing the hair to seemingly glow from within. Eradicating stressors like residual alkali, metallic ions and oxidized keratin, these LSL and silicone free shampoos provide gentle moisture as they cleanse. Your hair will become full of life and rejuvenated with lustrous shine.

All Stephen Knoll Purifying Shampoos are formulated with DTX capsules. These microcapsules burst onto the hair surface once lathered, releasing rosehip oil (antioxidant) and citric and phytic acids (cleansing ingredients), protecting hair from future damage.

Three exclusive formulas specific to your individual hair texture and needs.

Smooth Mellow Purifying Shampoo

Smooth Mellow Purifying Shampoo

Moisturizes unruly hair for maximum smoothing and frizz control.  Benefits: Gent..

$27.00 Ex Tax: $27.00

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